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My Films

My Films (In SriLanka)

1. Kaliyuga Kalam - Director ARJUNA from Sri Lanka, who has also done a film  in  South India, thought of dubbing his  maiden SINHALA film,KALIYUGA  KALAYA  into Tamil and the   package came to Mr.K.M.Vasagar, so eventually we  some of the Radio actors of that era    got the  first taste of Cinema. For the original cast like Tony  Ranasinghe, Neeta Fernando,   Vijay  Corea -  We -  Joahim Fernando,  Vijayal Peter, S.Ramdas, T.Rajagopal, S.Selvasegaran, myself, Subbuluxmi Kasinathan lent our  voices.  KALIYUGA KALAM  was released before its Sinhala version, at  Savoy Theatre, Wellawatte,  but  both  versions flopped.
Atleast we had the satisfaction of listening to our voices from an English Theatre screen!   Amuthan Annamalai sang a nice song under the baton  of Music Director "Shan"
(Presently in Denmark)

 2. Vaadai Katru - When I first read "Vaadai Katru" as a novel,"Viruththasalam" is the character, which impressed me the most. "Kamalalayam Movies" selected this novel to make into a film on the advice of famous Film Director Balu Mahendra.
 After considering actors like Gamini Fonseka for this character, they  finally selected me. It was a plesant surprise for me ! Originally there were 3 Asst.Directors -- A.Ragunathan, Sillaiyoor Selvarajan and K.M.Vasagar--supposed to assist  Director Premnath Moraes,    but due to some misunderstanding Ragunathan and Sillaiyoor left the  unit and as    Vasagar also didn't want to continue, I was elevated as the Asst.Director overnight. Learned a lot on Movie making from Mr.Moraes, Mr.A.V.M.Vasagam (Cameramen)  & Late Mr.Ramanathan(Editor- Director of "Komaligal" "Emaligal"].This film was shot at Pesalai, Kallundai Cemetery and Vaddukoddai.
Cast: A.E.Manoharan, K.S.Balachandran, Dr.K.Indrakumar, Ananatharani ,Chandrakala,Francis Jenam, Sivabalan, Vasantha Appadurai, Dingiri Kanakaratnam, Sivaguru,Pararajasingam, Nehru, Rajan.Released in 1978, got the President's award as the best Tamil film of the year and S.Jesuratnam got best supporting actor award. Ran for 45 days In Jaffna at Rani Theatre.

3. Naadu Potra Valga - V.P.Ganeshan, a Trade unionist - actor - producer has produced two  films, "Puthya Katru" , "Naan Ungal Thozhan", and when he approached me to do an parallel  character with him in his new film "Naadu Potra Valga" to be directed by a popular  Sinhala Director, Yasapalitha Nanayakkara, I agreed happily.  This film was made simultaneously in Sinhala  and Tamil. Vijaya Kumaratunga and Robin Fernando acting in Sinhala version and in Tamil, V.P.Ganeshan and myself did the main roles. Geetha Kumarasinhe and Swarna Mallavarachchi are the leading ladies in both versions. My heroine was Swarna, who was very popular with art film lovers. Shot on locations at Diyatalawa, Haputale and Bandarawela. Vijay, V.P, Robin, Myself, Geetha,Swarna, Freddie, Ramdas- all stayed together. I enjoyed every moment during this production and returned 20 lbs fatter, stuffing myself with plenty of chocolates and cheese on the producer's account, of course !
I observed some nice things about Vijay during our stay together.  In the Sinhala version "Anjana", I did a manager character with him, but when I saw the Sinhala film at Regal theatre, Asst.Director Suni Soma Peris was speaking for me in Sinhala!
 "Naadu Potra Valga" was released in Shanthi Theatre(Jaffna) and other centres in Colombo,  Batticaloa etc. Commercially it didn't click. After many years, it was shown again in   Colombo, but the copy was so bad, lots of Intervals were given that day.Serialised in Television also.
4. Aval Oru Jeevanathi - It is rare for a Sri Lankan Tamil actor, to act in two films together. But I was there shuttling between Bandarawela and Colombo to act in Naadu Potra   Valka and Aval Oru Jeeva Nathi.
Mathale Karthigesu is the script writer, producer of A.O.J  and he acted also in this film. Because of our friendship, he wanted me to act in his film. I did a sort of Villain character, but newspapers gave me a new title - "Kavatchi Villain". I enjoyed doing a character on  my own  imagination, not even the director interferred. !There were some nice songs of Muththalagu and Kalavathi.
Cast: Deenkumar. K.S.Balachandran, Fareena Lye, Karthigesu, Ehamparam, Senthooran
It was released in  Windsor(Jaffna) and  theatres in other cities. But Nathi (River) didn't run  as expected. Producer incurred a big loss. [PHOTOS]

5. Sharmilavin Ithaya Ragam -Peredeniya Junaideen is a person involved in the Sri Lanka film industry from the early days, from the days of Oscar winning English film
"Bridge on the River Kwai"   shot in Ceylon (SriLanka). His wife wrote a novel in "Thinapathi" and it was very popular and Junaideen thought of producing a film based on this story.  He mortgaged his house and started production and  half way some one has advised him to produce in Sinhala as well, so that financial  return is assured. Sasi Wijendra and Veena Jayakody, both acceptable to Tamil and  Sinhala audiences were contracted to play the lead roles. (Good soul) Junaideen wanted to accommodate every actor known to him. So script were re-written again and again and as a result the production got dragged   for more than 2 years. He had enough problems during this time and when the film was  released, the story was outdated and failed miserably in the box office. I still wonder how I managed to do some stunt and fight sequences in this film, with motorbike chase in Kandy city roads. Similarly I did a motor bike chase scene in "Naadu Potra Valka " riding a brand new Kawasaki being chased by Ganeshan in a Honda , shot at Haputale Hill roads. ( Myself,  novice managed to ride without any accidents but after the shooting, a stunt assistant riding that Kawasaki  fell down from the hills and escaped with  serious injuries) Coming back to "Ithaya Ragam "  Junaideen got somebody else to dub for me, which was a terrible mistake, because as a radio actor, my voice is well known  and the viewers didn't approve another voice on me.
Cast: Sashi Vijendra, Veena Jeyakody, S. Ramdas, K.S.Balachandran, Visvanatharajah, K.A.Jawahar  & lot of others.

6.Blendings - My friend and a famous editor in Sinhala film world, ELMO HALLIDAY  introduced Mr.MOHAMED NIYAZ in 1994 and he in return offered me a chance to work in an English film, a co-production. I  had to work as the Asst.Director, should write  Tamil portion of the script and also had to do a character role. I agreed. Shooting was around Kandy and it's suburbs. After working in Tamil films, to work in a different setup with more professional approach towards film making, it was something refreshing. Even my makeup and my character were very much different. I did my best.
While the dubbing was on, I got my visa to Canada, yet I managed to complete my work. But when it was released at Majestic Theatre, I was here in Canada.
I love to see this film.
Cast: John, Sabitha Perera, Roger Seneviratne, Cyril Wickramage, K.S.Balachandran, S.Ramdas,  Karthigesu, S.Suresh Rajah, Mohan Kumar, Kandiah, Maheswari, Manimehalai,
Mallika Keerthi, Senthooran
Director: Mohamed Niyaz  Asst.Director: K.S.Balachandran

My Films (In Canada)

1. Uyire Uyire
    When  RAVI ATCHUTHAN requested me to write Screen  Play   for a Tele Film I agreed for the simple reason, to  keep myself  occupied after my heart surgery.   But he  followed it up with  another request, that I should do a  character role opposite   Ananthy Sridas. She is almost of my daughter's age.  I was little hesitant at the start. But considering   M.G.R with Manjula and Sivaji with  Sridevi etc.etc.etc.      ( Just an excuse ! ha.ha.ha.ha.).    I relented. When the shooting started, I was surprised about our combination.  She did that mature character with  ease. Ananthy,  Ramesh Puratchithasan (as son), Nada.Rajkumar (as family docter) and Sri Murugan all  did very well. Ravi Atchuthan earned a good name for his effort. R.K.V.M.Kumar did a superb job as an editor.
A houseful show on release. Now as a video cassette very successful too.
Cast:   K.S.Balachandran,    Ananthy Sridas,   Ramesh Puratchithasan,  Nada.Rajkumar,
Sri Murugan,  Mayuran, Siva.Chelliah,  Elizabeth Malini, Sivanesan and Rajeevikaran.(Guest Role)
Screen Play & Dialoques : K.S.Balachandran
Direction & Camera : Ravi Atchuthan
Editing : R.K.V.M.Kumar
Producer : Janagan Pictures Sri Murugan

2. Engo Tholaivil
In 1995, when I went on a cultural trip across Canada and U.S.A, my first stop was at    Winnibeg, where my fans requested me to write a play, so that they can act with me.
So I wrote a play in two days and the cast, all doctors, with three days practice stole the show.  Title of the play is "ENGO THOLAIVIL"..
Dr.Ponnampalam, Dr.Sivakumar, Dr.Karunakaran, Dr.(Mrs) Karunakaran and myself acted. Then by the arrangement of my friend and well- wisher - Mr.Mailvaganam, it was repeated in Saskatoon and Vancouver with local cast.  In 1996, during the 6th International Tamil Cultural Conference, "Engo Tholaivil" as a full length play  was staged with the help of "RADIO ASIA"and got  good reception from the audience.
In the same year on the initiative of  Actor S.MATHIVASAN and his brother, Announcer S.SREEHARAN  it was decided  to produce this as a Television film  and after 2 years in production, "ENGO THOLAIVIL" was released in   1999 and shown  at Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa,  Edmonton and Vancouver.
                         On July 15th, 2000, video cassette of this film was releases at a function at Astonbee Campus, Centannial College.

Cast: S.T.Senthilnathan, S.Mathivasan, Dushi Gnanapiragasam, V.Sathiyavarathan, Mehala Thurairajah, Chithra Felix, Praveen Mathivasan, Bala.Sabesh, Subbuluxmi Kasinathan, S.R.Kasinathan,  Abirami Paramanathan, Anton Felix, Rathika , Ruban Ratnam, Patrick Paskaran and Rohan Thangarajah.
Camera & Editing : M.Jeyakuamar (Kannan)
Music:  Ms.Tharani Mathivasan
Story, Dialogues & Direction : K.S.Balachandran

3. Menmaiyana Vairangal
Mrs.Sridas approched me to write the screen play for a story by Mr.S.S.Atchuthan about women abuse to be  produced as a Tele Film with the financial assistance from Ontario Arts Council. Ravi Atchuthan  handled camera. I selected actors from my earlier two   films. Initial shooting went on at a very high speed, but  as   usual it got into a slow pace and took almost  two  years to complete the shooting. Then the editing with Kalabam"Srinivasan, followed  by   dubbing   which   went on for months. Now in the final stages and music had to done by S.V.Varman. This film will be shown at  theatres and therafter will be serialised in TV Ceylon.

Cast: Ananthi Sridas, S.Mathivasan, S.T.Shenthilnathan, Dushi Gnanapiragasam,
Anusha Jeyalingam, Luxia Arulanantham, V.Suntharadas, Theivendra, Bala.Sabesh,
Amala Ambalavanar, Sathiyamoorthy, Sriskandarajah, Chithira Felix, Sathiyavarathan
and K.S.Balachandran
Story: S.S.Atchuthan
Camera: Ravi Atchuthan
Editing: "Kalappam" Srinivasan
Music: S.V.Varman
Screen Play, Dialoques & Direction : K.S.Balachandran

4. Nenjankal
 After the success of "Uyire Uyire" lot of people thought of  producing Tamil films in Canada. And many of them jumped into the wagon. "Uyire Uyire" Editor  Kumar is  one of them. He requested me to write Screenplay and  direct a film for him. He wanted Ravi Atchuthan to act instead of handling camera and he himself took over that responsibility. Nithyaneera,Nalini and Rathiga are  three dancing sisters and the last one had some
experience in films. They were cast in the three main  female characters and Ravi took the leading role.
               From the "World collection of short stories" I read a  Dutch short story many years ago, which impressed me  the most for it's unexpected twist at the end. I adapted it
as a Radio Play and it was broadcast  by S.L.B.C. When Kumar asked for a story, this came to mind and  it suited Ravi also. Shooting started at express speed  and even after completion, it is lying unattended due to  tardiness of the people at the helm.

5. Thalai Muraikal
In 1992,  I  Wrote a script for a T.V production by SriLanka Rubavahini Corporation, but with my migration to Canada, that idea never materialized. After coming to Canada,
I adapted that as a stage play and when it was well received.
TVCeylon Srinivasan  mooted an idea of doing that as a serial for his T.V and I agreed.
Except for Chithira Felix, who was replaced by Nithiyaneera,  everybody else retained their characters from the stageplay.  Mehala and Senthil came in with the introduction of new
characters. Not yet edited.


When did Television come to Sri Lanka ? m..m...m..1982.. of course.
From Radio it borrowed producers,Script writers,Singers,Actors and Administrators as well. Mrs.Gnanam Ratnam from S.L.B.C became the head of the Tamil section and Vicki (P.Wigneswaran) also from S.L.B.C was the producer.
He is the pioneer in producing Tele- Dramas, even before Sinhala producers think of it as viable. I am supposed to act in the first Tele Drama produced by him for Rubavahini.
By coincidence, this script was produced as a Radio Drama by Vicki, when he was a producer at S.L.B.C and I did the main character.
But unfortunately for me as I was stationed in Jaffna at that time, Announcer Nadarajasivam  was able to convince Vicki to offer him the main character in Jeyamohan's "Katpanaigal Kalaivathillai". I felt betrayed.

Even when I returned to Colombo in 1983, I kept away from Rubavahini, due to this reversal. But when S.Visvanathan, producer of "Kathambari" a magazine programme,offered to include my mono act "Annai Right" in his programme, I conceded and it was my first appearence in SriLankan Television.
Since then, my relationship with "Kathambari" continued and flourished.

"Orderly Rasiah" - another mono act of mine.

"Pavam Saddampiar" - a comedy skit, but as the title indicated it was not seen by anybody in the South. Due to the 1983 communal riots all of us- the scriptwriter, director, producer and actors were in Refugee camps fearing for our safety.
So it's really 'Pavam' indeed !
Cast:S.S.Ganeshapillai, K.S.Balachandran and others.

"Thedi Vantha Mayam"- a comedy skit, well appreciated. I even had a love duet with Helen Kumari- "Vellai Puravonru"  from “Puthu Kavithai” film.
Cast: S.S.Ganeshapillai, K.S.Balachandran, R.Rajaratnam, Kamalini Selvarajan, Helen Kumari.
Script:K.S.Balachandran         Telecast: 25.2.84

"Oru Mathiya Nera Idaivelaiyil" - all female cast skit. Very good concept. But not well received.
Cast:Helen Kumari, Priya Jeyanthi, Nilani Nagaratnam, Subathra,  A.M.C.Jeyajothi
Script:K.S.Balachandran         Telecast: 27.4.84

"Pulugar Ponniah" - a portion from that popular stage play.
Cast: S.S.Ganeshapillai, K.S.Balachandran, S.Kandasamy,   Manimehalai Chithamparam
Script: S.S.Ganeshapillai

"Nijankalin Tharisanam" –

By now P.Wigneswaran was ready to produce his 2nd Tele-Drama titled "Nijankalin Tharisanam" and the cast was invited to Rubavahini for a discussion. There with a change of cast and I was given one of the two main characters in the story. In fact Vicki himself wrote the script and it turned out very well. Indoor shooting at SivajiDorai's house and outdoor in Galle face area went on without any major mishaps except for one. In one scene, I'm supposed to drive a car with my wife on my side and I used my personal influence to borrow a new car from a councilor friend. Car came to the shooting spot with the driver. I with great effort convinced him that I am supposed to drive, not  him , but nobody not even Vicki knew the truth, that I don't know anything about driving. Myself  and the actress who acted as my wife got into the car. I started and the noise heard when I changed the gear would have even startled the people living in Colpetty, few kilometers away. Driver came running towards the car and somebody from the production crew had to hold him back by force. But I continued with changing gears with more and more noise and stopped in front of the camera, where Vicki wanted me to stop. Myself and the actress got down gracefully and went towards the other actors .Shooting continued. When Vicki wanted to take a shot of us leaving, the car and driver were missing.
With al these mishaps, this teledrama came out nicely and on telecast it was a great success as a trend setter in quality production.
Shanthi and T.Rajeswaran were the best in acting.
Cast:Gunasingam, K.S.Balachandran,Shanthi Satchithanandan,Nilani Nagaratnam, T.Rajeswaran,Gopal Shanker,Era.Pathmanathan, Ragulan.

I was offered to do narration in Tamil of Sports Training Programmes originally made in Germany and after doing 20 odd programmes, went on a vacation to Jaffna.
On my return, I was told Visvanathan is doing this programme presented  by the Sports Division of the Rubavahini.
Wrote 2 documentaries, one on National Housing and the other on Hinduism both were produced by Feature Producer Balasubramaniam (Presently in Canada)

When Silvister Balasubramaniam was put in charge of Tamil service of Rubavahini for a short term, he requested me to write a script for a quick production, I wrote "Thiruppankal" and Aruna.Selvadurai was to produce it.
Myself, Kamalini Selvarajan,  Vaseekaran(my son) and Artist Selva's daughter, Rajagopal and Sureshrajah made up the cast.
We shot the entire play in a house at Dehiwela and at the end of the shooting we were very sure of it's  success.
Our expectation was fulfilled. When it was telecast, a great success.